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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. I therfore sayd unto yow, wolyng and mevyng yow aftyr your trowth, and as ye know, that ye do put in artycles the indisposicion of the people, and what your avyce is to be do for the restieynyng of the same ; and this articles I pray yow set to your seal, and cause other gentelmen with wham ye have comonyng set ther scales, for this is neces- sary, and that I may schew it to the Kyng and to my Lordis of hese Councell, and that I fayle not here of for your honeste and myn excuse. But for asmouch as the Kynge ha A geve to me straidy in charge to be with bys Highnesse at Westminstre on Satcrda[y] if must] departe towards London. If my Lord Chaunceler hath lost my bilie that I delyvered hym. Is patticulariy aaiioui to know what they have done about Rydlyngfeld, Ac- London, 7 Sept. Ingood feyth, good Sir, thynke on all these maters; meche more I hadde to wryte on to yow, yf I kowde a remembryd me, but I hadde no leyser be my fyth. e the Alderman to cryc on my Lord that they mown have justyce of these men that he indyted, and that my Lorde wyll speke un to the Kyoge therof. ]T FASE it yow to wete that I come to London ihe Wednesseday at even late next after my departyng from yow, and it was told me that my Maisler Calthorp hadde writyng fro my Lord of York to awayte on hym at his comyng in lo Norffolk to be oon of his men, and that no gentilman of Norffolk had writyng to awayte on hym but he; and sum folke wetie that it is to th'entent that he shuld bo outhir shiref or knyght of the shire, to the forther- yng of othir folks, &c The Kyng is remevid frotn Westminster, summe men sey to Fysshwick,' and summc sey to Bristowe. seid ageyn he knewe weel the laborer thereof; and my Maister Y. barred of his conspirace, and also ot his damages, though that he be nonnsewed Iherin, or though it be afterward discontynued. It is seid here that the Duke of York and tlie Duke of Norfib Uc shulln not come here this vii. It is apoynted that who shall sue any bille in the Parlement, thei must be put into the Commone Hous by for Seint Edmunds day • atle fetthest, Sl-c 1 Mh Mimmbv. Thank Nicholas Bokkyng for what he did about Ihe cetti Aotle ofthe jury inlheot Bee' of Tyche- wcl], and beg him to gel it seated in time, which will be a great evidence for the lecoveij of my manor. " to be occupied in the cait." Commendations to his cousin John Bemey. Send for William Cole about the accounts, and thank the Parson of Haylcsdon' for the three writings of Wiltshire's irill *iul Gomey he sent me bj Worcester; but say I piayed him to search for mote. * Item, compleyneth John Bladsmyth of Swafliam of that that where John, late Piyour of Penteney,'" prede- cessor of the prior that now is, and the covent of the same place, the Munday next aftir the fesi of Seyni Mathew the Evangelist, the xiij. Also to knowe som of your feynt frendes, at that tyme that my Lord Norffolk sal at Norwich up on the oyer deier- tnyner, Sir John Hevyngbam myht nat fynde it in bis hert lo go iiij. Ham thai the •)W JH^Xfmywr is to be at Norwich on Thunday' af Wr Holy^ rood day, and that Will. Bids them send bji indeniute o F Cornelys Floryson about wheat and mall. As to the inalter agiinst Applierd, if Todcoham, Heydon, Wy- mondham, &c., or any of them, will labour for their acquittal against me in tlie Lady Bardolf's matter, you must oppose i L Trusts the present mayor and his predecessor know whit he hai done for the ta«ii, and Will. marc; and so then the Pryour shall lese for ever iiij" [/our saire] marc of rent, and that wyihout onye concience, for Uiey have be fab both to the Clyffordys and to me thys vij. And y trust lo God to correct hem so by spirituell law and temporell law, that all othyr Relygyoux shall take an example to breke the covenant or wille of anye benefactor that avauncyth hem wyth londs, rents, or gode ; and my confessouis have exorted me gretely Ither too. Wiy C al London, the lodij, day of September anno xxx° R. I John Fastou, Kl [ There is one Walsam wold desyre acquiiaunce of pardon for the wydow of Hygham, I hafe no cause, for hyr husband left hyr whereoff to pay byr debts suffi- saunt, and for me he ferre the better. Sit Thomas, that ye sokl a wey salt but ' Wa Jnr Lyhut or H«ft sa S THE PASTON LETTERS. Item, on Middleyot Sunday,' the xxx*" yere of cure soveraigne Lorde the Kynge that now ys, Robert Dallyng, Robert Churche, Robert Taillor, Herry Bang. bill ' both by the Kyng, Lords, and Come puttyng Thorp, Josep, and my Lord of Somerset in i the defaute; be the which biil all maoer of actions l" shuld growe to any person or petsones for any ofiensetl at that joumey doon, in any maner of wise shuld b*l extynt and voide, affennyng all thing doon there well doon, and nothing doon there never after this tyme, to be spoken of; to the which bill monya man grog full sore nowe it is passed. Upton,' Lodowick of Pole, Wil Uam Lynd Calyn [JJnco/nf], and John Mer- chal LI No more, bnt our Lorde have you both in his po^ petuell kep'ng. It is seyde be Heydon and his disdples that my Mayster Yelverton and ye and my . To Sir Janus Giayt j JHER be dyvers thynges in your letter sent to me; one that a s!

Thế mạnh trong việc xử lý các tài liệu thuộc các lĩnh vực: Dịch hồ sơ thầu, Các tài liệu dự án, Tài chính ngân hàng, Quản trị kinh doanh, Marketing, Công nghệ thông tin, Kỹ thuật chế tạo …. Công Ty Dịch Thuật Chuyên Nghiệp Việt Nam (VIETRANS) hiện tại là một đơn vị dịch thuật uy tín trên thị trường, được sự tín nhiệm của nhiều khách hàng trong nước và quốc tế.

S với kinh nghiệm cung cấp dịch vụ dịch thuật chuyên nghiệp, chuyên hơn 35 ngôn ngữ, và hơn 58 chuyên ngành.

Luật mới này áp dụng đối với tất cả các mạng lưới dân sự lẫn quân sự.

"" - Thượng nghị sỹ Đảng Dân chủ Jeanne Shaheen, người đứng đầu cuộc vận động kêu gọi loại bỏ phần mềm Kaspersky khỏi các máy tính của chính phủ, nói.

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