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The document is very much based upon the recommendations of the IAB Character Set Workshop of February 29-March 1, 1996, which is documented in RFC 2130 [WR].This document attempts to be concise, explicit and clear; people wanting more background are encouraged to read RFC 2130.Beleef, hoor en zie alles over het leven aan het front.Food festival Vele hippe foodtrucks, een kooktheater met doorlopend demo's en workshops, volop winkeltjes met heerlijke, zelfgemaakte streekproducten en een pop-up restaurant. Gekke gebouwen zonder functie Het gekke follybos vol rariteiten en zinloze bouwwerken ligt net naast het Fair-terrein.Protocols MAY specify, in addition, how to use other charsets or other character encoding schemes for ISO 10646, such as UTF-16, but lack of an ability to use UTF-8 is a violation of this policy; such a violation would need a variance procedure ([BCP9] section 9) with clear and solid justification in the protocol specification document before being entered into or advanced upon the standards track.

For a definition of the term "coded character set", refer to the workshop report.Handwerken en wol, schapen en geiten Wol, breien en haken is echt hip en dat merk je hier.Laat je verrassen door de vele bewerkte en onbewerkte wol en bekijk naar liefst zo'n 60 rassen schapen en geiten.A "name" is an identifier such as a person's name, a hostname, a domainname, a filename or an E-mail address; it is often treated as an identifier rather than as a piece of text, and is often used in protocols as an identifier for entities, without surrounding text.Protocols MUST be able to use the UTF-8 charset, which consists of the ISO 10646 coded character set combined with the UTF-8 character encoding scheme, as defined in [10646] Annex R (published in Amendment 2), for all text.

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