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Meagan was one month shy of her 16th birthday when she disappeared Sept. Marc says police have searched Meagan's bedroom twice, looking for clues as to where she might have gone, even taking a sample of her DNA from her hairbrush. I don't care much for anything anymore except my daughter." Not knowing what has happened to Meagan has only further deteriorated his physical and mental health, forcing him to end a career as a chef. Prime Rib, the city's oldest independent steakhouse."I'm living in hell," Marc says from the downstairs living room. But it's been years since Marc stepped into a kitchen.While there are reported sightings of Meagan across North America, none of them have led police to her.People post comments online suggesting Meagan might just not want to be found and rumours continue to circulate that Meagan is working in the sex trade, or being trafficked.One night when she didn't come home, he tracked her down. A happy child As a child Meagan was bubbly, energetic and loved being around people.Marc says she was close to her grandmother, who took on a larger role after Meagan's mother died of an overdose when she was six years old.Posters of Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson and One Direction decorate the walls of Meagan Pilon's bedroom.Among the images is a yellowed sheet of paper that reads in awkward handwriting, "I'm sorry I can't be perfect." Years have passed since Meagan wrote that note and slept beneath the gallery of posters.

Zachary Henderson met Meagan in Grade 7 when they attended St. Then in high school, Meagan extended her circle of friends, although she remained close to Zachery. "If she was running away, she would have told me." As months passed, Marc feared his daughter fell victim to the world of drugs and sex work.

She looked "out of it" but still managed to bend down to kiss and hug her dad. He didn't like the people she was hanging around with.

"I'll see you soon," she said after a few minutes and then walked away. Over the next few days in hospital, Marc tried calling home where Meagan was to be staying. That was why he had tried arranging for her to visit an aunt in Calgary while he was in hospital, but Meagan refused.

With her mother gone, Marc realized his daughter needed another female figure in her life and connected her to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sudbury.

The organization's executive director met Meagan when she first entered the program.

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