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A low rise was between our squads and when an unknown number of NVA approached from their east the lieutenant called for his squad to move forward to push them off the mountain. He had come into contact with a man named Jef Connor who was involved in the restoration of the sacred honor of one of our Alpha Company brothers, Ralford Jackson, who was KIA in May of 1969.

I was in the 2nd squad and Cyril was in the 2nd or 3rd squad on the night of the 12th. Tom Hurley What I am about to share, I wholeheartedly endorse and believe many of you will as well once you have read the following attached articles and followthe links to this very close to the heart of Alpha Company story.

My husband, ET- Evens- served in Vietnam 1968-69-his nickname was Gomer- he was assign in this unit-Mortar Man -Ben Hoa-search & destroy-wondering if anyone can remember him- you! Doc Pardue, you posted a request for scholarship information for children/grandchildren of Roger Jones. I tried to send you an email but it was rejected Nat Holmes Anyone who served on hill 10 with David Banks. Robert Joseph Smith Private First Class A CO, 1ST BN, 7TH MARINES, 1ST MARDIV, III MAFUnited States Marine Corps Columbus, Georgia August 04, 1948 to August 26, 1968(Incident Date August 05, 1968)ROBERT J SMITH is on the Wall at Panel W46, Line 34 Looking for any Marine who served in the 2nd PLt A/1/7 1st Div during the year 1969. Her desire is to meet more of those who knew Roger and fought along side of her father. It would be awesome if you,who knew him, would email her and tell her about the father she never met. Sgt David Navarro Alpha 1st Squad Guns I was with 3/7 for 13 months and then extended for CAP.

My first one was Lima 4, which I guess was L-4 when it was established. Rob Received this from Dave Sullivan who has been researching A/1/7/VN and preparing to publish his findings. Kred Ratliff's Sister for info or talk to anyone who was with him. The account of Alpha, 1/7, in Op Meade River is nearly finished and I expect publication in the fall 2014 issue of the journal of the Company of Military Historians.

I wasn't a member of Alpha 1/7 but I was in H&S 1/7. He has passed away due to cancer a couple of years ago.

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That was the basis of my concern that it was serious. I seek details of PO3 Gary Johnson's death on April 30, 1969.

FYI: I was the lone corpsman (initially) when the firefight began. Robertson presented me with the Bronze Star he told me the award was not right (due to after accident report and citation). I haven't met you, but I was platoon leader of 3rd platoon Charlie Company 1/7 Feb69 to sometime in Jun or Jul 69. I was platoon Ldr in this action and wounded so didn't know about John's medal until now. Rackhaus (MCSN: 2471130), United States Marine Corps, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action while serving as a Rifleman with Company A, First Battalion, Seventh Marines, FIRST Marine Division (Rein.), FMF, in connection with combat operations against the enemy in the Republic of Vietnam.

You, Walter Hunziger and Shawn Lee recommended me for the Silver Star, only to have it down-graded to a Bronze Star by Major General Ormond Simpson. I should find a way to get it 'upgraded' at least back to a Silver Star. Late on the night of , Private First Class Rackhaus' platoon was occupying an ambush site along a trail in Quang Nam Province approximately 500 meters from the company command post.

Observing a wounded Marine fall in front of the enemy, he completely disregarded his own safety as he boldly left his position to assist the injured man.

Although wounded in one hand by hostile fire, which rendered it nearly useless, he ignored his painful injury as he resolutely continued to move toward the wounded Marine.

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