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Possibly related to their origin, each barnacle stars three identical and apparently artificial symbols.

Hypotheses include that the symbol depicts Barnards Loop, the Great Magellanic Cloud, or the Pleiades at a particular viewing angle.

The Large Barnacles make a distinguished sound that while it shares certain features with the UA sound, it is also much more complex.

Canonn scientists are looking for hidden messages in the sound. Volgrand maintains a spreadsheet containing a list of barnacle audio files.

The central barnacle is surrounded by several spikes which give either a meta alloy when shot or an elemental resource from the material drop table for the planet which the barnacle resides.

In-game description: Meta-alloys have a complex lattice structure with large internal voids.Additionally, within a nebula conditions for barnacle bearing planets are under research.Canonn members are currently searching the galaxy for barnacles. Volgrand maintains a spreadsheet with landable bodies in nebulae that were searched for barnacles.Canonneers have catalogued those changes and discovered that the state of a barnacle changes over time.For barnacle locations and general info, there is an excellent spreadsheet maintained under the lead of Cmdr Net Slayer and a spreadsheet maintained by Cmdrs Chopper, Vaeleden, Red Wizzard and Zenith.

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