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The second half of the seventeenth century was a golden age for the Dutch.Economic rivalry with England led to several naval wars, but in 1689, the Dutch Stadtholder William of Orange was invited to assume the throne of that country after the Glorious Revolution had driven James II from power.Most of the pamphlets are published in the Netherlands, but the collection also includes pamphlets from Germany, Belgium and France.Flugschriften consists of an on-line catalog to the Flugschriften series as published by Brill Academic Publishers on microfiche. 9,000 pamphlets and is supplemented on an annual basis.Access The bibliographic descriptions in the on-line catalog on this website derive from both W. This period first witnessed the consolidation of seventeen quite disparate provinces under the hegemony of the Habsburg Monarchy.

In order to achieve better search results we are continuously working on improving the quality of the bibliographic records in the database.Meanwhile, milestones of international history such as the American War of Independence and the French Revolution did not pass unnoticed.The turn of the century witnessed the transformation of the worn-out Dutch Republic into a modern state through the French invasion of 1795, the formation of a semi-independent Batavian Republic and Napoleonic Kingdom of Holland, the annexation by France and finally the creation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands as we know it today, under the restored House of Orange in 1813-1815.The eighteenth century brought a relative eclipse of the Republic on the European stage and the beginnings of the reforming Patriots movement at home.The years 1751-1853 Dutch pamphlet-writing in the second half of the eighteenth century was dominated on the home front by the struggle between the conservative Orange 'party' and the reformist 'Patriots', a conflict which culminated in near revolution in 1787, and by the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War (1780-84) between the Dutch Republic and Great Britain.

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