Online dating coffee or drinks to make with vodka

Put it this way: I doubt any true whiskey drinker is going to laugh her ass off after listening to a penis joke, and that's a good thing for anyone seeking mature company.She doesn't just drink whiskey because it's going to get her drunk faster or because she has anything she's trying to prove.But just because she doesn't drive a motorcycle or play bass guitar doesn't mean she can't have a little wild streak you don't know about.And, judging by the bourbon on the rocks she's clutching, she probably does.At the first sign of disrespect, she's ready to let everyone know -- even if she might get a bit too aggressive and end up regretting it in the morning.She's very in touch with her emotions – thanks in part to whiskey – especially after she has one too many whiskey shooters and lets you know how she really feels.But if she's ordering whiskey neats, you're probably in good shape.

Over ice, mix vodka and Kahlua (or whatever coffee liqueur is on hand; Bailey’s will also do in a pinch). than some of the others on this list, but it’s tasty enough that the effort is worth it.Here are 10 reasons to date the woman who loves whiskey.If she has to gnaw at pretzel rods every time she takes half a shot of Bacardi Raz, odds are she's full-blown sauced after a glass or two of wine with dinner. Unless you're trying to convince her you're dining at Dorsia, you're definitely going to want a girl who can hold her liquor, especially when you're taking her out to places.For whatever reason, if you fancy a glass of bourbon from time to time, people just assume you look like Ron Swanson or binge-watch "Sons of Anarchy," while simultaneously chain-smoking packs of Marlboro Reds. Sure, whiskey might be one of the most masculine choices at the bar, but it doesn't mean it's out of bounds for ladies.In fact, generally speaking, I find women with a taste for whiskey to be the most desirable.

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