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Meanwhile, Charley is locked in with Amy, who is slowly transforming into a vampire.Vincent manages to free him before she awakens, and says the process can be reversed if they destroy Jerry before dawn.Seventeen-year-old Charley Brewster is a fan of both traditional horror films and a horror TV series entitled Fright Night, hosted by former movie vampire hunter Peter Vincent.One evening, Charley discovers that his new next door neighbour Jerry Dandrige, is a vampire responsible for the disappearances of several victims.Charley reveals his suspicions and the detective furiously leaves.That night, Charley is surprised to see Jerry in his house after his mother invites him in (after Charley's friend "Evil Ed" Thompson tells him a vampire can't enter someone's home without an invitation).Charley tries to tell his mother and asks his friends for help.

Vincent then flees, but Jerry learns of his discovery after finding a piece of his pocket mirror on the floor. Ed then visits Vincent and, revealing himself, tries to attack him, only to be warded off when injured by a crucifix.The film was released on August 2, 1985 and grossed .9 million at the box office.Since its release, it has received positive reviews from critics and has become a cult classic.Just before the morning sun, Jerry transforms into a bat and attacks Vincent and Charley before fleeing to his coffin in the basement.Charley and Vincent pursue Jerry; Vincent breaks open Jerry's coffin and tries to stake him through the heart while Charley fights off Amy, who has almost completed her transformation.

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