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The board game features 375 twisted words and phrases, which you then have to draw on the white board.If your teammates can guess what you’re drawing, you can all move ahead along the colored squares — but be sure not to land on the wrong space!If this sounds like your thing, then a) go buy this game and b) please invite me over to play.In each round, one player will act as the judge, and the others will start by drawing a card.My friends and I would sit around for hours, laughing until our stomachs hurt.If you're like me and you prefer a more lively get-together, then you’re in serious need of some awesome and hilarious adult party games.Nasty Things comes with 250 hilariously inappropriate prompts, like “things a proctologist names his finger,” and, “things zombies do when they’re not eating people.” Then everyone takes turns writing down their responses, and points are doled out when someone can correctly guess who wrote what.Some reviewers prefer it to other card games, as it requires quick-thinking and wit, and it can be toned down or up, based on who’s sitting around the table.

Think of this as a fast-paced, kitten-fueled version of Russian Roulette: You take turns drawing cards with the hopes of avoiding the Exploding Kitten cards. , , Amazon If memes crack you up online, you'll seriously love this game.

Your job is to decide which player is most likely to do the action on the card – things like "Never make it past pregame" or "Watch 'Planet Earth' for five hours" are all game.

Argue your point to the judge using the accused's past, stories, or their personality against them. This is one you'll be playing into the wee hours of morning with your closest pals time and time again.

A great adult party game is one that can subtly allow people to loosen up, talk to each other, laugh with each other, and break down the barriers that make them feel awkward or uncomfortable.

If you ever find yourself hosting get-togethers of any sort, these are the best grownup game night picks to have on hand for all those reasons.

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