Gta 4 dating guide carmen

This is pretty much like the one in the GTA V forum.

Although the game's nearly 6 years old so I guess most things about it are already known, but then again I always discover something new.

The amount of detail that went into this game is amazing.

-The opening credits bear a striking resemblance to RDR's as Niko and John both arrive at their destination via a boat and cars are lifted off. -In GTA IV if you visit the site of the Hercules nightclub (TBOGT) in the vanilla game it's just a random texture.- Gay pedestrians have female scream sound effects.- When it rains police officers will wear coats and hats with plastic wrapped around them.It's likely R* San Diego used GTA IV as inspiration. -Sometimes after an intense situation such as a shootout or a fist fight Niko will usually display an angry facial expression which goes back to his default expression a short time after. -Police officers can buy newspapers from newstands.-Girlfirends are very noticing of what Niko wears/drives.

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