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This means communicating on her terms and meeting at a time and place of her liking.

There's nothing wrong with suggesting a means of communicatioin but always add something like 'if you are comfortable with it'.

When I first started using the internet, I used to get a lot of men pushing me to use certain messengers.

I learned, very quickly, not to accept their chats, or use the messengers they wanted me to use because a lot of them just want to cam flash me their junk. Don't let any man dictate how you communicate with him...comminicate the way that makes you the most comfortable. You preferred POF email and refused to use an online chat program than millions of people use.

I don’t like messengers because I like to have the freedom to really think about what I’m reading and responding and I’m not a fast typer. Is the difference between e-mail and messenger that big? I just felt really pressured and also got some red flags on the wording as it sounded too demanding.

If he just continued talking to me we would have already begun to get to know each other and in my imagination met in person ASAP.

but 10 minutes on chat with interactive conversation can accomplish more than weeks of emailing back and forth.

Now the only exception is if someone does not want to IM, but they actually want to meet right away and their one or two emails and their profile have been impressive.

If that's the case, then sure I'm flexible and will dispense with the IM and go right into a meetup because after all the POINT of all this is to actually MEET.

I got red flags when he said "I will like you to take the time to download yahoo messenger." And his profile did not seem the type to make that error. I figured out my own little diabolical means of dealing with nigerian-esque scammers.

When I start receiving emails with pictures of russian models, I start sending pictures of the african actors in the movie "the gods must be crazy", and claiming it is stuff.

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