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We’re learning how to smash the glass ceiling, find our inner tiger mother and balance high-powered careers with a happy home.Like men have done for decades, 21st-century women are finally embracing the “Alpha” within – knowing exactly what they want and stopping at nothing to get it. The Alpha female struggles to find a perfect partner.Don't try to make an apple tree into an orange tree.You'll waste years of your life trying to change something that's not supposed to be." The best analogy that I've heard on the topic of self-acceptance and finding a compatible partner was from a man taking part in a dating panel. As a woman, you have to decide what kind of farmer you want to be and be honest with what type of farmer you are.If, for example, you are a very strong woman/personality, find someone who will work well with you, and once you find out what you can and can't tolerate, and who you are and aren't, find someone who fits with you.On a personal note, I wouldn't say I'm 100 percent Alpha, but I certainly have some Alpha qualities.

When in reality, subconsciously even, what she , the faster and more powerful you will be.” That quote fits perfectly for what I’m about to show you today. is a prolific natural-turned-student-of-seduction who’s applied study and experimentation to great natural instincts with girls. is a member of the Girls Chase Forums, where he posts as “Narrow J”.

But for a lot of Alpha woman trying to find partners, the Alpha male may not be the best fit.

And so I tell these women quite simply: "Embrace who you are! Some plants require shade, some have flowers, some don't, some take a long time to grow, and so on.

Has there ever been a better time to be an Alpha female?

From Beyoncé to Hillary Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg to Dame Sally Davis, public life is full of strong, independent women making their mark on the worlds of entertainment, politics, business and health.

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