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As the parent of 37 children, I have occasionally contemplated the prospect of how to handle the spouse-finding process for those three children who won't be priests or nuns.

As my eldest daughter nears end-stage marital eligibility, I have been contemplating it more and more.

Radar has learned that Joseph Duggar, 22, is officially “courting” a teenager named Kendra Caldwell.

“We are so excited to share the news with others that we are courting,” Joseph said about his new romance, which will follow the strict rules of their religion.

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This same principle applies if you are recommended a service or product by someone else – since they have actually tried it and studied it personally – and they KNOW it’s legitimate – they have found and recommend the real deal.

When in the expressions 'full whack' or 'top whack', meaning maximum price or rate. A short period of feeling sick, or queasy; often a reaction to excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs. Usually having a working class upbringing the wide-boy has replaced the now generally obsolete 'spiv'.

A male characterized by his cocky charm, petty illicit dealings, and perceived stylish dress sense.

E.g."If our young men devoted as much time to their school work as they did to wanking then we'd have a nation of geniuses." Noun.

E.g."You can guarantee that if he sees a pair of naked breasts he'll go and have a wank straight away." 2. E.g."I wish I hadn't brought that new CD, it's wank." 3.

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