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Like Trump more than 20 years later, Regnery, the wealthy scion of a famous GOP family, had an increasingly dark view of a changing America: As he wrote, the U. had become a crime-ridden society with bad schools, high taxes, an intrusive government and a penchant for political correctness that was “morphing into an intellectual tyranny.” Worse, “a flood of immigrants were changing the look of America from a palette of prime colors to a third-world monochrome,” he wrote in a rant that would be at home on the bookshelf of Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon.

“Instead of a lingua franca, the country clanged with many foreign tongues.” By 1999, he had come to believe that the only future for white people in North America was a reconfigured continent with a white-only homeland carved out of the former United States.

No heat was anticipated from the government: Hungarian voters had just handed another supermajority to the European Union’s most right-wing leader, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, a Putin ally. The Hungarian Interior Ministry banned the event, declaring it openly racist.

Regnery was intercepted at Budapest’s Ferenc Liszt Airport, held overnight and deported. Spencer entered the country by train, then was picked up in a police raid and handed over to immigration authorities.

But by 2006, his public views on race left him ostracized from the GOP. Working behind the scenes, the retired Chicago business executive has played an important role in making his ultra-right views a part of America’s political conversation in the era of Trump.

In what he has described as his crowning political achievement, Regnery discovered Richard Spencer, the mediagenic agitator who invented the term “alt-right.” In 2011, Regnery made him the frontman for his white nationalist think tank, the National Policy Institute, providing Spencer the platform to launch the alt-right movement.

In 2014, they planned to convene what they called a European Congress of the white nationalist movement.He began consorting with Ku Klux Klan apologists, Holocaust deniers, eugenics boosters and immigration foes.He set up two white nationalist nonprofits and steered money into them. Through his family’s famed conservative publishing house, Regnery had been on a first-name basis with the cream of the Republican establishment.Credit: Daniel Lombroso/The Atlantic Long before Donald Trump’s election ushered in an era of resurgent white nationalism, a disaffected Republican named William H.Regnery II was brooding about the demographic plight of white people and plotting their rescue.

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