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Teaching can be one of the more stressful occupations, given unruly students, low wages, and endless disrespect.

Such factors can take their toll on any individual.

Parents complained that the letter was not detailed enough and accused school officials of trying to cover up the incident.

Karen Smith, the schools assistant superintendent, refused to confirm any information regarding the incident, simply stating that it was being investigated.

Ron Tuitt, 56, who taught second grade in the Paterson Public School District in New Jersey, was placed on administrative leave in November 2010 after it came to light that he used his classroom as a restroom on numerous occasions.

School officials learned that Tuitt had a habit of urinating in plastic bottles in front of the children, afterward handing the bottles to the second graders and instructing them to take his waste to the boys’ bathroom to discard it.

Other reports claimed that on several occasions, Tuitt relieved himself in the classrooms trash can.

Following Tuitt being placed on administrative leave, he was accused of sending “inappropriate, accusatory emails to parents.” Further investigation revealed in court documents that Tuitt would ask the second graders to close their eyes while he relieved himself.

In 2014, John Edward Hansen, a high school Spanish teacher at Southington High School in Connecticut, showed up to class intoxicated.

Yu was later released with a warning from police and school officials.

In October 1991, Dick Pirkey, a 41-year-old agricultural science teacher in Harmony, Texas, informed a 16-year-old special education student about a technique he had learned in college: how to castrate a pig using his teeth.

However, when the teacher is a bit odd to begin with, the enormous stress can compound into a disastrous outcome.

The following 10 teachers will not only make you question the mental stability of today’s educators but the incomprehensible lunacy of human beings in general.

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