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They appear together in the journals of the mid-19th century.

Both terms were used before then with local British and American meanings: the near or far east of a field, village or shire.

Up until 1912 the Ottomans retained a band of territory including Albania, Macedonia and Southern Thrace, which were lost in the two Balkan Wars of 1912–13.

The term "Far East" appeared contemporaneously meaning Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam.There was a linguistic predisposition to use such terms.The Romans had used them in near Gaul / far Gaul, near Spain / far Spain and others.Before them the Greeks had the habit, which appears in Linear B, the oldest known script of Europe, referring to the near province and the far province of the kingdom of Pylos.Usually these terms were given with reference to a geographic feature, such as a mountain range or a river.

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