Dating a male flight attendant

Trust me, I barely have time to process my own thoughts at the moment.I just want to shed a little light on what our dating life consists of and why you would/wouldn’t consider dating a flight attendant.And remember don’t call her on phone when she is on Standby.It’s kind of difficult, but if you really want a date a flight attendant , you should understand what the business is like.

If we say we’re craving, say, croissants from Paris, sorry but your shitty 7-11 version will just never be good enough.So you can just imagine what kind of care you would get if she falls in love with someone. So better you to be aware about hygiene if you plan to live together.As they are travelling all the time, that has made them used to movement all the time. If you want to please her , plan an adventurous date that includes moving all around. Don’t let the resources of disinfection to run out.But remember – any relationship can survive distance as long as there is a communication, even though it is virtual. You can also offer her a date in a spa where she can catch some extra sleep.With that kind of profession that involves long working hours and such a little time to rest, it is normal that they aren’t having enough sleep. And who knows – after a relaxing massage and taking a nap, that date might have a potencial to become a relationship.

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