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When I purchase one of the software packages, am I entitled to any new Amateur Radio programs that are added to the package after my purchase?Yes, any new Amateur Radio programs will be freely available to those that have registered our software package.Can I get a new CD with full use of your software for less than .99? You have already purchased the package so all you need is a new CD.You can purchase a new CD for only (including shipping).I have prepared a simple Excel spreadsheet that will help you convert the data for import to the 3X versions of AC Log.If you are running AC Log 4.0 or later, you'll have to download AC Log 3.4 from the archive page, bring in the data and then export it in ADIF to transfer to AC log 4.0 or later.If you do use one of the old VB6 programs, it is very important to install and run the software with Administrator privileges with the older, VB6 versions of our software. I'd love to learn, but the reality is that with a growing list of more than 50 programs to support and maintain, it's all I can do to keep up with Windows.Also, you may have to click the Compatibility tab to see files created by the old VB6 versions of our software (see the next question for more details). The good news is that I've had many excellent reports from Linux users running the older VB6 versions of my software under Wine on Linux.

NET versions of my software on a Ubuntu box using Wine as follows: Install Cross Over and register. With Cross Over open, click Programs, then Run command. I also can't think of any reason the Visual Basic 6 service packs would be required for the new versions.If your old logging program exports its data in standard ADIF format, you can import your log data files to AC Log with no problem.Please try the following: - Double click on the file and your log data will appear in the List Box on the main form of Amateur Contact Log.When using your log for Field Day, do we have to purchase separate licenses for each computer we use?You may use and install the Field Day Contest Log and the Field Day Network Log on multiple computers at one Field Day site with one registration.

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