Chris pine dating anyone

"That relationship is the core of what Kirk goes through," the 32-year-old actor says of Kirk and Spock's close friendship."The arc and the trajectory of his journey is huge, almost Greek.You know how there are those bonkers fans who think that #Robstenlives and that Kristen and Rob are secretly married with two secret babies? Because anyone who gets in the way of that narrative is automatically reviled.It’s the same with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. And they believe that Jamie’s marriage to Amelia Warner is a sham. Knowing that for Zach it was more about a career thing and that he was not comfortable happy for him, oh man, I thought it was rad," he admits. He's a good guy and a great actor, and they make a fantastic couple.I couldn't have been happier for Zach."Sounds like Pine's a pretty stand-up guy.

But the table turned for his fortune when he met director Rae Dawn Chong who saw something in him and cast him in her directorial debut movie Cursed Part 3.And not only is he comfortable with his friend's homosexuality, but he's also cool with going gay for the right role. "Right now I just want to play good roles, and if the role happens to be a gay man, that's not of any import other than is it a good story? We list the complete love life and affairs of this actor.Christopher Michael Pratt, popularly known as Chris Pratt, is a popular American actress. But a bad turn came in his life when he went to college and his family could not support his academic expense.

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