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Choosing a nick on a site that does not demand membership is much easier and it allows the user to adopt a new nick anytime they enter the chat room.

Sometimes the participants even leave the room during the discussion and immediately come back under a different nick in order to confuse (or amuse) the others.

However, this practice is now regarded as unacceptable, an indication that netiquette changes and develops.

While etiquette is fairly specific about what salutation is appropriate in certain situations, there are no rules distinguishing various kinds of greeting on chat.

Experienced users are able to log into one room several times using various nicks simultaneously and contribute to the discussion as different users answering their own questions or disputing their own statements.

Here is an example of one user adopting three nicks at the same time (chatwithme, Davey, momy): whoops - here comes chats mum) giving an indication that chatwithme and Davey are the same person and hinting that this user is about to enter the chat room for the third time under the name momy.

The preceding division includes only the most frequent types of nicknames.

Many nicks are ambiguous and are difficult to classify.

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Lurkers (lurking is a the process of reading the postings without initiating any) and those who hold private conversations hardly ever say goodbye.There is an unwritten rule that one should not intentionally steal nicknames. In the following sample of a chat conversation a user had adopted the nickname of a regular participant ~*Kayleigh~* and tried to strike up a conversation with ~*Kayleigh~*’s friend ROBBO: [4] The netiquette of salutation on chat does not correspond to the greeting rules in etiquette.In real life, entering a room without saying hello is considered to be impolite.[3] The major advantage of chat sites requiring membership is that once we subscribe no one can take our nickname.However, that inevitably means that each member has to come up with a new original name.

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