Cells not auto updating in excel

Assuming all of those checks are passed, we call the Refresh_Workbook routine and give it the filename to refresh along with the name of our current workbook (so we can come back to it later if things go wrong) and whether the file is BEX or AO.The next section is the ‘Refresh & Save As’ option.It should be the full path, filename and extension. Action This is what you want to do with the BW file. We are leaving out the extension in case you want to dynamically add todays date to the newly saved file (see the next field). File Type This not only controls the extension at the end of your filename, but also the format itself. rng now holds all of the details of that cell, including its value, its location, its formatting etc.It will happily use either UNC names (\) or drive letters. BEX/AO You need to specify if the file you are loading is a BEX or AO file. The VBA code will save as the correct format depending on what you choose. Email Address The email address of who you want to send the file to. Email Subject What you want in the subject line of the email. Email Message Body This is text you can include in the body of your email message. We make use of that, and assign the value from that cell to t Active with this command.

Sub Process_the_Mastertable() ' This will loop through the mastertable and perform the relevant actions on each line. For the first section, if they have chosen ‘Refresh Only’, we check the file to see if someone else is already using it.

Part 3 of this series is available here : Analysis for Office Variables and Filters via VBA There will be a single table in excel that has a list of the workbooks we want to refresh, as well as what we want to do with them after the refresh is complete.

Our VBA code will work sequentially through that table and action each line as it goes.

We also use a table instead of a plain old list, as when we add rows to it, it cleanly inherits the data validations for formats from the previous rows. Tick the normally unticked ‘Developer’ section on the right hand side. At this point we have all the details we want from the table, we can now action them.

Once in the VBA window, expand out your file in the left hand window and add the following section to one of the modules. Lets look at the next lot of code in the Process_the_Mastertable routine. If it doesn't, there isn't anything further we can do ' The next bit looks for the filename using the standard Dir command, and then checks the length of it.

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