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When you are shopping for that special wedding gown the sales clerk in the store or your wedding planner if you are using one can give you some sound advice as to the answers to all of these questions.

Mexican women in general are very strong and make wonderful mothers.

These hot Mexican women may not exhibit the urbanity and sophistication of their Chilanga sisters, but they bring strong family and moral values, not to mention a great beauty, often derived from their Mayan and Incan ancestors.

It's your choice; you can try dating Mexican women from the frontier towns of Matamoros, Brownsville, Ensenada, or Tijuana; to the beautiful beaches of Zihuatanejo, Mazatlan, or Cancun.

As a result of heavy tourism, the well-traveled parts of Mexico will produce many English-speaking women.

On the other hand, if you venture into the less-touristed areas, you'll need to have a bit of Spanish.

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