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My perspective should never trump the perspectives of autistic people, ever. Being autistic is a fundamental piece of my child’s identity.If you want to know what it’s like to live with autism, listen to the real experts — autistic people. It’s how he experiences, interacts, and understands the world around him.As the community grows she hopes to begin events and contests, and said they will soon start a blog and online forums discussing dating tips and entries about everyday life on the spectrum.Meltdowns are something almost every parent of an autistic child is familiar with and although we all know that it will happen we never feel fully equipped to deal with it.Autistic people have a lot to say about everything, but our society is not trained or set up for us to hear them.Things like birthday parties, playdates, and outings to museums are often not an option for my kid.

Some autistic people type, some use sign language, some use other external tools to help them share their thoughts with the world.

The goal should not be to cure autism, but to cure the places in society that make it hard for autistic people to thrive, flourish, or even exist.

With 1 in 68 kids being diagnosed with autism in this country, we’ve passed the point of needing awareness.

The amount of work that my child has to do in order to function in a society that isn’t hospitable to his neurological difference is endless. He can’t separate himself from it, he can’t make it go away, and efforts at a “cure” only do more harm.

His brain is constantly working overtime to accommodate everything from the noise and lights to social cues (things like eye contact and handshakes). And as his parent, it’s my job to constantly advocate for our society to be more hospitable to him and people like him. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being autistic. The problem is that our society is structured around and developed by people who are neurotypical, making it an inhospitable place for autistic people.

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